Library School, Class of 1936.
Toronto Public Library Digital Archive.

Biographies of Librarians and Information Professionals in Canada

An online collection of historical profiles outlining contributions of various librarians and information professionals to librarianship, book history, scholarship and other fields. I research and compile biographies of prominent librarians and library science faculty in the history of Canadian librarianship: Winifred Barnstead, Bertha Bassam, Olga Bishop, Florence Murray, Mary Silverthorn, and Laurent G. Denis

Ex Libris Association.

BirgeCarnegie Library, Victoria College, circa 1925.
Dean of Men Fonds, Victoria University Archives.

History of Victoria University Library

An upcoming book on the history of Victoria University libraries, part of the University of Toronto. My current project, analyzes the library as a site of institutional memory. Charlotte Linde extends Pierre Nora’s influential exploration of ‘lieux de mémoire’ to argue that buildings and other spatially defined places are 'sites of memory' that contribute to the shaping of a coherent, institutional tradition and identity. Linde’s approach shifts the focus on the library from a repository of books and provider of academic services and study spaces to an institutional workplace with collective experiences and memories. Victoria librarians established both general and special collections, catalogued and classified books and other materials, curated exhibits, produced scholarly publications, provided leadership during strenuous and transformative times, and thus made distinct intellectual contributions to the institutional prestige of Victoria University.  

Friends of Victoria University Library.